Playing The Villian

Spring 2010

“The only reason you got the main part last time was because I didn’t audition. It was such a sappy play.”

“Oh, go away, Bernice.”

“It’s true. Why else do you think I got the best part here?”

“In my opinion, I got the best part. It’s the one I was most interested in anyway.”

“Ha, but it doesn’t have the most lines. In any case, you only got that funny part because you kept making jokes at the audition. They weren’t even good jokes.”

“I made one- maybe two- jokes to lighten the mood after I found out that I couldn’t go home yet.”

“What a pathetic excuse. I don’t even know why I am talking to you. I have to get ready: I’m on in the first scene, unlike you.”

“I was in the first scene at the beginning of act one and I even closed the act.”

“Big deal. I’m onstage nearly all the time.”

“Whatever, Bernice. I am sick of arguing…especially with someone like you.”

We peek round into the underground backstage area, dodging the various actors and actresses and their annoyed looks. The conversation drifts into our ears and becomes clear as Bernice turns and storms away, presumably onstage.

We should be getting back to our places for the start of the next act, but we had to come and commend Ezme.

She looks a little shocked at our arrival, probably as sudden as the bluebells that are starting to pop in from the sudden snow that came at the same time as the start of the new year.

“Guys… What are you doing here?” She whispers, as the sound of yelling comes from above us; the play has continued.

“You’re basically the villain, and yet you make me pity you,” Emma sticks her tongue out, in a confused way.

“I’ve always been the villain,” Ezme responds in a slightly bored, and flat tone.


“I’ve got things to do, guys, you should take your seats.”

“Well… you’re a great person, Ezme. Don’t let that Bernice bring you down. And you’re not a bad actress either.”

With several grins, we step away, watching Ezme all the while.

But her expression doesn’t change. The below-stage area is exactly as we left it…

The End

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