The thugs gathered again for a second round and I clutched my arm strongly with the other hand. The skin was burned badly, exposing some parts of flesh here and there. 

"Are you alright Zeke?" Came Cam's voice from beside me. 

"I think... I got burned."

"It's a backlash, you can't go around slinging power." She said while kicking one of the dude away.

A backlash is what happen when a magician isn't careful with magick. We can bend the universe to our will but so can anyone else. When you use the arts blatantly, reality has a tendency to slap you upside the head in retribution.

Maybe half a minute passed as we mostly focused on not getting killed rather than getting rid of the thugs. Of the six, four were still up, one had been taken out by my blast while Camilla had knocked another out barehanded. 

"Stop this travesty!" Someone yelled from the doorway.

Both of our group backed off from the other and our gaze turned toward the new comer who had just broken the fight not a moment too soon. I don't know what I was expecting to come in a den of vampires and sinners, but I wasn't expecting someone like that...

The man or rather kid that had just interrupted us looked about twelve and stood under five feet tall. He was dressed in a fitted vest coming strait from the 20's.

"Look who it is, the boss' little boy toy." One of the thug snarkily commented. "Hey kid, why don't you go back to papa before we also take care of you."

The kid walked a few steps closer, coming about a foot away from the vampire and he stared right in his eyes. His lips moved and spoke a single word, almost inaudible over the music that filled the club.


The fangster blinked for a second before falling to his knee and then toppling over to the left, becoming inert.

The kid then looked at all of us and said; "You haven't seen anything and will leave immediately."

Just as he spoke the words, I felt an immense pressure in my head, like it was about to burst, making my legs go numb and my whole body dizzy while my mind began to cloud itself.

I looked at the child as my vision began to blur and I opened my third eye. When you see things as they truly are, it inscribe the images and feelings on your soul rather than the mind, they are clear and don't fade away like regular memories do.

I wasn't looking at a 4'10'' kid anymore, instead what I saw was large, imposing, majestic. He stood there, looking older and wearing medieval clothing, his hands covered in blood up to the elbow, an iron crown on his head and many chains held in his hands to keep his minions in leash.

"Who... What are you?" I asked struggling to remain fully conscious.

His now glowing and red eyes focused on me and a hint of surprise appeared on his expression.

"You are more resilient than you look." He remarked.

I felt the pressure over me fade away but next to me, I saw Camilla begin to walk away, hypnotized.

"You didn't answer."

"And brave too." He noted with amusement. "I'll indulge your curiosity. They know me as Drake but I had another name centuries ago... Vladimir IV of Wallachia. I suggest that you leave and never mention what you saw ever again. I only ask politely once..."

I horrible shiver ran along my back and my heart stopped for a second. I had faced demons , ghouls and vampires but this kid was the thing that made me want to cower and cry in the corner...

The End

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