Chapter XVII - Tepies and LanciesMature

"You enjoy mocking us don't you." came the voice of thug amongst a small band of vampires. "You walk in here, like you own the place and just go chat with the boss, deny what your buddies have done."

The vampires, six of them, spreaded out in a half circle ahead of us, blocking our path.

"Move aside, we're leaving."

"You are, but only in a damn body bag." They claimed, laughing their ass off at that comment. Now, six vampire low-lives wouldn't pose any problem to Cam and I if we had our weapons, but as it was, we were pretty much defenseless. She could still do some mojo but I was about as useful as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. 

"The reagent has granted us safe passage. Are you going to risk shaming and angering him?" Camilla responded calmly but I could feel the tingling of her gathering power for her spells.

"Screw the ol' Tepy! Lancea should be ruling this city, not the damn aristocrats and suits."One of them barked before taking out a switch blade. I don't know but Reggie never struck me as a suit, he was more like that odd eccentric guy with lots of money and a love for having fun. You know, a rich frat boy. 

As far as blades went it was pretty lame, but unsurprisingly, humans aren't made to resist getting stabbed at super speed and strength. It's one of our design flaws, I wonder if God has a customer service prayer line, they really could use feedback.

The first one jumped me and tried to stick the blade right up my belly, but I side stepped just on time. If it wasn't for the fact my job can be summed up as avoiding death on a daily basis, I probably would be holding my entrails now...

Not losing a beat, the five others joined in the fray. Calling it a fight would be a lie, it was mostly me just dodging. Thinking back about it, I'm was closer to agent smith than Keanu Reaves. When you learn to fight, you mostly learn how not to get kicked your ass in five second flat, kicking the other guy's is only a secondary goal.

One of them, a thug with a mohawk and too much piercing swung his knife and I narrowly dodged the thing, the tip slicing a scratch right on my cheek. With the smell of blood, their attitude changed and using the moment I rammed my fist right in the guy's stomach.

Vampires are though. Really though. When my hand connected, I felt a crack in the first finger to hit and a burst of pain. The hit hadn't done jack shit to the dude. But the pain of the hit wasn't the only feeling to invade me. 

There's one important thing; I undoubtedly blow at magick. But that doesn't mean I can't call out energy. When the two bodies touched, I let it all go and a silent boom of pressure erupted in the room, which was followed a second later by a large boom as the energy manifested itself and poured right into my fist, coming out from my clenched fingers.

The vampire didn't put much of a fight, he simply fell down on his knee and from his stomach came a waterfall of ingested blood.

"Ohhh nasty. Let's do it again." I quipped as I shook my now burning hand. 

The End

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