Chapter XVI - Clubbing the night away.Mature

Cam and I finally reach a club downtown. Written in stylized letters is the name, The rack next to which is a neon cocktail glass. The place is private, open only on an invitation basis, it cathers to the gothic crowd of the nightlife.

It's a good thing Cam and I fit right in, She's alway in leather and I'm currently wearing one of the leather trenchcoat she gave me. I ruin them on a weekly basis but she somehow alway has one on hand to give me. I'm going to throw a wild shot, but she must just really love seeing people in tight black leather. Even Keith got one. False leather for him ofcourse.

I'm not complaining. It hides stuff really well and helps not getting transformed into a trail of bloody chunk when you get kicked on the asphalt. Also, I really look good in it.

The bouncer lets us through without checking our ID. It's not the veil, he noticed us all right. But he knows why we're here.

Inside the club, the loud technomusic blasts away. I can feel eyes on us as very attractive speciments of both gender eyes us up and down. One of the lady even tries to aboard me but I push her away.

At the moment, there's more than the threat of aids. And I don't mean the thing that's going on. Pretty much all of the femme fatales and gentlements that surround us are vampires. They wouldn't kill us from drinking but I've got better things to do than get hooked on vampiric saliva.

The club also has it's fair share of humans but they remain away from us, if they're in here, they probably know what's going on and aren't here to do standard pick-ups. THe bite of a vampire as I was told is not painful, it's quite the contrary, it's orgasmic, the reason I don't even want to try.

Beside, I have work. Also, there's way too much guys hustling me for my taste in here. I'm not homophobic or anything. I just don't swing that way.

Finally we get through the crowd into the V.I.P area. Not sure why an already exclusive club as an more exclusive section but whatever. We pass through a bunch of long drappes into the place.

The V.I.P section is decorated in a gothic manner. I don't mean dark and grim, It's full of gargoyles, stone archs, stained glass windows and the wall and floor are made of stone. It's a rather jarring contrast from the dark fantasy theme of the regular section.

After climbing a spiral stairway onto a balcony, we meet the man we're here for. He sits on a regal chair over looking the place, his seat more akin to a trone than anything else. The young looking man is clad in scarlet and purple, showered with jewels of gold and silver. His long hair are streaked with different colors.

Reginvald Rowan de Kraven the third of house Tepes sits on his trone. He's the vampire lord of the city. Personally I call him Reggy. I don't think he would likes me calling him that but whatever.

"Welcome to my domain, children." He claims, in a thick european accent. I have no idea where it's from. Maybe his ass.

Cam and I take on our formal clothes, the white mask and scarlet cloaks. Which we don't put on so much as we just let them out. A slight bit of power across the band I have inscibed across the wrist and it appears, bleeding it out from the pores of my skin.

Cam's mask runs with ornate star pattern. As I had understood, her magical name could be translated to the "Morningstar." A remain of her goth days of adolescence, when she was in her brooding phase apparently.

"We come on belhalf of the Circle" Cam I mean אילת שחר.

"I can see that child." He replies.

"What has happened to your kine?"

"He was slaughtered. Drained of his blood. The younglings claim it was your kind who did it, but I have yet to decide if I support this Idea..."

"Can we see the body?"

He takes a moment to think, his eyes change from their normal blue to red and back to blue. He's probably annoyed by this.

"Alright... You can. But I advise you not to desecrate the body further..."

She bows politely and I do the same. We leave reggie behind after he gives us the adress to our next destination. We jumped down the stairs and were about to leave when...

The End

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