Book one: Dead by midnightMature

Zeke lived an ordinary life until one day, he begins receiving strange cryptic message. It's only when he discover their meaning that everything changes.
Suddently, he is thrown into the fire as he awaken to see the beast roaming the world...


Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump, went the sound of my rapidly beating heart, pumping blood with all its strength in the midst of an adrenaline rush. It was all I heard as I ran for my life, eldritch horror in toe, an abomination running for me, something dark, skeletal, vaguely panther like, covered with the flesh of the dead. I could see a deep, bottomless hunger in its many blood red eyes.

Around us, the few citizen of Montreal still outside in the dark of the cold April night continued their way, oblivious to what was walking, or running in this case, amongst them. Some were looking at me, confused as to why I  was running for my life. They couldn't see them, the monsters from the outer dark. Few people do. Their eyes closed, they go on with their life, refusing to see past the mask of disbelief that plagues the modern men. Monsters are just myth and things of fiction they think. But I know they're all too real.

Our previous effort at fighting this eldritch abomination from outside of reality had been fruitless; all our attacks had been deflected harmlessly of the monster’s skin. Not even the magical blasts had provokedany reaction from it… So I was falling back on plan B; run like hell!

Behind my back, the creature the size of a minivan kept on running, by the sound of its massive claws hitting and scratching the pavement, it was growing ever closer, it would be on me any second now... Turning my head around, I saw it leap at me, its many faces fang bared, instinctively, I rolled to the left barely avoiding it, and I felt its claw raking my back, getting stuck in my coat.   

I swiftly slid out of the leather trench coat, something I had to get used to doing these kinds of thing in the last few months of my life, losing at the same time my only source of decent firepower; I could feel a painful burning sensation where the creature hit me. Warm blood splashed down onto the concrete of the sidewalk.

No time for that, I kept running, as the creature quickly realized it hadn't gotten me on that one, it charged at me with preternatural speed and bestial fury in its every move. Right In the corner of my eye, I saw an alleyway, only a few meters away. The being was much faster than me,  but it lacked mobility in tight spaces

As I hurled myself into the alley; I heard a loud crack in my shoulder, and behind me, I heard the beast's claws impact heavily onto the bricks of the building I was next to a second earlier, small chunks and shards of masonry flying all around. I was almost there; I stumbled back up and painfully jogged to the end of the alleyway. Only to run into a dead end, a brick wall...

 Wall to my back and barely standing, I turned toface the creature, raising my Colt at it—An old M1911--, I fired the already half empty clip at it, yelling with anger to no avail, the silver bullets merely sank into the being's armor of rotting flesh not even hitting its actual skin. Then, I waited for it to come for me powerless as what was to come...

In front of me, the monster seethed with anticipation and hunger, I could see its head… or lack thereof. The abomination’s head was simply a stump of dark skin, eyes and humanlike mouth all over it…

The monster let out a terrifying and sinister laughter, which made a hyena’s appears so sweet and melodious in comparison, a screeching noise that echoed all around us. I muttered a prayer to god, asking for his protection, as it charged at me, the many fangs of its many mouth at the ready to enjoy the delicious flesh of my now soon-to-be dead resourceless body.

     And the prayer was fulfilled! Only a few meters away from me, the creature impacted with an invisible barrier of arcane power, around it, the previously prepared circle flashed with quintessential power for just an instant.

 Over me, on the fire escape came a smooth feminine voice "I didn't think it'd work..."

     In sat on the ground exhausted by the night's events

"WHAT!?You didn't know if it would?" Yelled a voice from my own mouth, it had slipped by itself.

"It was my will against his. Luckily for us, it had a rather limited one. I doubt it’s more than just a spawn" She responded in a perfectly calm way, not takingoffence to my angry comment.

"What now?" I asked between two deep breaths

"We sent it back. Well, I do. It’s still too soon for you to be performing rituals"

I nodded, not in shape to say anything anymore. Within the white circle inscribed from blessed chalk onto the ground of the alley, the horror lashed vainly with its razor sharp claws against the barrier of the summoning circle keeping it locked in. In front of it, the woman lowered her silky black hood to reveal her long raven hair, olive skin and hazel eyes. Raising the carved oak staff she always carried around, he began chanting in a long forgotten tongue.

     "O dark one, thee transgress the border of creation, I order you to be gone, thou belong to the shining darkness of the outer dark. Tine existence here is a crime against creation itself, so I judge and condemn ye. O dark fire, O hellfire, claim this being shall he be purged by fire, cleansed of sin."

     She spoke these words thrice in enochian; each timecalling more and more power, by the time she was done, the energy in the air was almost palpable. When the last syllable was pronounced, a crack formed in the very air inside the circle, a fissure in reality itself, through which the monster fell. The fissure was pure black, but I could see into it with an almost indescribable sense...

     I saw heat, I saw pain, I saw purification and penance... Not as physical things, but as concept seeing and understanding them in my very soul, those where what lied behind the crack that formed between two layers of reality. But as soon as it appeared, the fissure within fabric of reality mended itself...

     That brief moment of glancing at the beyond made my head explode with an atrocious, searing pain, my mind's eye burning as if I had fixed the sun for weeks... I forced and willed it closed for a moment only to hear "-right?"

Seeing my confused blinking, she repeated "Are you alright?"

I forced myself to speak; “Could be better, I’ll need to get my back checked, the outsider got me” I was sore, exhausted and wounded from tonight's event and needed rest. As I stumbled to get back up, she held me and helped me make my way to our car, a 1967 mustang. I passed out as soon as I sat down onto the passenger's seat from a mixture of pain and physical exhaustion…

     At the time, I didn’t know this would only be the tip of the iceberg, that something far darker was coming, an event that would change everything. I’m Ezekiel Black this is the story of the end of my days.

The End

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