Chapter I - The life of Ezekiel P.2Mature

From the subway to my workplace, the walk was pretty short, only about five minutes, then another two minute elevator ride to my office floor on the 8th floor. Wyntech Inc was a pharmaceutical company and I was one of the drones-- I mean slave-- Ok, let's be honest, I was just a monkey in a suit entering data into a computer all day long. 

Office work can be both fun and incredibly frustrating, in that the work done is completely devoid of any tangible result and make it seem like nothing was accomplished which also results in making it hard for boss to see if you're slacking off. But calling it boring would be an understatement...

"Hey Zeke!" Someone hailed me from the left as I walked out of the elevator. I turned toward him and replied; "Hey Will"

"In case the boss ask, you were just smoking, I punched your card so you wouldn't be 'late.' " He whispered to me. "Coffee?" He then asked, more loudly.

"Yeah thanks." I said, taking the styrofoam cup he handed me. I spiked it up a bit, making it more drinkable, which for me meant about half a pound of sugar and a carton of milk. 

"Do you want a little coffee with your milk and sugar?" My friend teased me.

"I'm all good."

As we walked to our cubicles, he talked about his previous night out. When we stopped I began talking. 

"I've had something weird happen this morning at the subway station, two suits arrested another guy, they were jumping down from floor to floor like ninjas. Then the lights went out and one of it exploded, one of the two suit seemed wounded, like he had taken a bullet to the shoulder."

"That's weird..." He commented. "Any idea what it was about?"

"No idea but then when I got on the subway, I heard this girl saying that someone called 'joker' had just been caught before they could meet."

"What did she look like?"

My lips began to form words, but my mind went blank. What did she look like? I couldn't remember any detail, the more I thought about it, the less clear my mind got. "I don't remember..." I admitted.

"Are you alright, mate? You look kind of... weird." He said, seeming rather concerned.

"Yeah, I'm just tired. Anyway, we better get to work before the boss comes out with a whip to punish us."

"Alright." Will nodded before heading off to his own cubicle, which was a few meters away from mine. 

I sat down in the chair and booted the computer before opening my emails. Penis enlargement, Nigerian prince, Engrish bank account warning note. Like usual, there was nothing interesting, it made me wonder why I even bothered to look. 

It seemed like everywhere it was the same, cruel violence and fantasized sex in real life, and romanticized sex and violence in escapism, all of it dragged down by the monotony of life...

Maybe will was right, I wasn't alright... "The years must have caught up to me..." I said to myself only a notch above a whisper.

The End

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