Chapter I - The life of Ezekiel P.1Mature

Civil war in Africa, seventeen people killed by a drone strike in the middle-east, another school shooting in the states, a sixteen years old black kid shot down by the cops in Montreal north. And now for the weather!

It was just another day in the news, people die everyday, sometimes in the name of the prophet, sometimes in the name of the profit. Life is cheap, we can make more soldiers after all. This is what life's become; you live then you die without anyone noticing. For everyone who accomplish their dream, there's a thousand who's dreams crumbles into nothingness.

I was waiting at the subway station, next to me,  a TV continued broadcasting the news, sometimes taking a break from morbidity to comfort us with ads about cars, games and babes. It's the new way to seek peace and harmony; Consuming. God is dead, but that didn't stop a man from yelling over and over. "Repent sinners! The end is nigh!" 

"Maybe it's true..." I whispered to myself.

I gazed around, the subways were all late. For a second, my eyes meet the man with the sign announcing the end. I quickly broke the contact and went back to staring blankly forward.

The lights flickered a few times and after a while, a commotion arose. I looked at the entrance and saw a man jump down from the upper floor and onto the lower one, falling down and rolling forward before beginning to run, jumping over another railing and another floor, landing not too far from me.

Behind him were two man dressed in suits and glasses with dark hair and pale skins, looking strait out of a conspiracy thriller. They surrounded the running man, who took out a small object from his pocket, a rosary or a pendant of some kind. I saw his lips whisper a few words and the lights went out...

A second passed and panicked screams rose from the crowds just as a bright flash occurred,  a large spark coming out of the light sockets and going down to the ground. I tried to keep my gaze on where the three man were but the crowd in panic shifted around and I was pushed over.

Finally when the lights went back on and the crowd calmed down, I could see the fugitive on the ground, one of the cops or whatever they were holding him down, while the other clenched his bleeding shoulder.

This one took out a badge and claimed; "RCMP, please remain calm, the threat has been neutralized. Move along people." His voice was neutral devoid of emotion or any trace of pain.

When he finished speaking, the subway wagon finally docked in behind me and I stepped onto it all the while keeping my eyes on the agents and the suspect they dragged behind them in cuffs.

The wagon began moving and they went out of sight. Since all the seats had been taken, I simply leaned against the wall of the train next to a Goth woman, speaking on a cellphone. She spoke softly and as she did, she looked around, her eyes meticulously scanning everyone in the wagon. When her eyes met mine, I was overcome with a feeling of uneasyness and my eyes immediately darted off to the ground.

"They caught Joker before we could meet..."

That sentence ignited a thousand burning questions in my mind but I held them back, I didn't want to get involved in something that was surely dangerous. They were probably criminals or worse terrorists. People had been speaking that a revived Quebec Liberation Front was responsible behind recent bombing of second cup coffee shops.

The train docked at the next station and the woman next to me hopped off, letting me alone with my conspiracy theories. Finally, the train dropped me at my destination and I walked out.

The End

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