Well well well. Looks like the boss is pretty eager to stop the killings. She's ordered the entire unit out onto the streets in some wild bear chase. Rest of the force'll be joining as soon as she convinces the big mouldy cheeses to send them out. She told me I was on duty as well. Bitch.

So I find myself sat up on top of a building in the pouring rain at 4am, having not slept since the previous night. At least I have a nice view of the church opposite, it's walls festooned with statues and gargoyles. One looks terrifying, all fangs and claws and leathery wings. The rest look just like people. This is a dead end assignment in my shitty job which is going to fuck unless I get a nap.

A gutter chucks a load of water down my back. I shiver as I check my watch.


It's 7.30am! I fell asleep! Screams echo down the radio, followed by a panicked babble. I leap to my feet and rush off, as the roll-call is taken. We soon figure out who got hit. As I leave I notice that one of the seemingly harmless statues is missing from the church. It's probably just something my sleep-deprived mind made up though.

The End

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