Bloody kidsMature

They're at it again, in the alley behind my house. Knocking stuff over, snarling dogs, probably illegal dogfighting going on. I've had enough. I'll sort them out.

Walking down the alley, I'm struck by how little shouting there is, just the clattering and snarling. Maybe they're all high and wasted, the little bastards. I'll sort 'em out.

Round the corner, straight into someone huge. Easily twice my height. The snarling rises to a crescendo. I've had it, I swing my arm at him, hit him so hard he'll remember it for the next few arrrrgh!

My arm! It's ripped off! I suddenly realise with a sick feeling that the source of the snarling is right in front of me and nothing else is in the alley. I turn, run, screaming at the top of my voice. I get halfway down the alley when a huge weight lands on me. I feel ribs snapping. Jaws press on my skull, first gently. I scream as loud as I can, but no-one's coming. This is the end. I feel the jaws steadily tighten, the pain increases exponentia....

The End

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