Oh, man.....Mature

Jeez. I was looking forwards to a quiet day snoozing at my desk. Now I'm being dragged out to a dead body. He's a mess.

The pathologist in me automatically gets to work. Victim: mid twenties guessing from the body, pretty much average height, weight etc.

The only odd things about him are that not many people have had their intestines ripped out and their heads crushed. Guts, Blood and brains are splattered across the alley. That sort of spray, I don't know what we're dealing with. A fragment of sternum was found 10 metres away. Too small to have been picked up as well. It flew there. Someone had a bad day. And his brains are now over my trousers. God, this job sure gives you a huge dry-cleaning bill.

Well, off to the lab with him then. All in a day's work for Forensic Investigator Bill Stevens, reluctant worker.

The End

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