Chapter Three: Attack At the Village

"What's a kid doing traveling around?" asked Austin.

"Long story," I replied. "Anyways, I need some way of transportation so I can get from here to Artania so I can find Archius Redalus."

"The famed swordsman, huh?" Austin sighed.

"He's my grandfather," I said. Austin adn Daniel both looked at me with surprise.

"Now it makes sense!" Daniel gasped. "You're a Redalus! That's why you're traveling alone to find him!"

"Indeed," I said. "Now, can I get a caravan or what?" Austin nodded, and he and Daniel walked away.

"Something's about to happen..." Xajems reappeared and a sword appeared out of thin air in his gloved hand. "I sense something sinister..."

"Could it be the fear in someone's heart?" I asked him. Xajems nodded his head.

"Abrixan..." Xajems hissed. "She is the fear in the heart of a girl named Briana..."

"Abrixan?" I asked. "How many are there?"

"Every person in the world has fear... only very few of them have enough power to come out at day.

The End

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