Chapter Three: Attack At the Village

"Do you prefer the hard path?"

"I don't know. I guess it strengthens me in a way." Xajems nodded and we began heading west. "So, what is this village called, anyways?"

"Nobody knows..." Xajems shrugged. "Oh goodness, I sense something horrible..."

"You alright?" I asked. Xajems didn't reply. We continued walking until we finally saw the village.

"There it is..."

We stopped and saw the village. It looked small compared to the town I had just left. "I wonder if it does have a name and no one was ever told about it," I said, thinking as we walked closer to it.

"The people in this village can help us to Artania..." Xajem said. "They have horses and caravans."

"That's good. We deserve a little rest after this long walk." We continued heading towards the village, then a question came to mind. "Hey Xajems. What did you mean when you said that my world as I know it will never be the same?"

"I am not allowed to tell you anymore..."

"But you've already broken enough rules, haven't you?" Xajems stopped dead in his tracks and sighed.

"If only you weren't so clever..." he chuckled. "This is my own personal rule. I cannot let anyone else know."

"Alright, whatever," I sighed. We continued the long walk until we finally arrived.

The End

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