Chapter Three: Attack At the Village

Daytime had come, and I fell asleep in the field. I woke early that morning, but Xajems wasn't there. "Hey, Xajems!" I exclaimed. "You here, buddy?" I looked around and saw no one. "Huh. Guess he had to go back inside my heart." I stood and stretched my arms out far. "Well, time to continue my journey." I slapped the grass off of my back and continued walking. It seemed that this field would never end.

"You're awake..."

I turned around and saw Xajems running up to me. "There you are, man," I said. "Where were you?"

"I had to make sure the Others weren't following us."

"I see." I looked around and realized that this large field seemed to span out for miles. "So, do these fields ever end?"

"There's a village to the west..." Xajems lifted his hand and pointed to the left. "We can settle down there and rest, until we can get to Artania..."

"So, these fields are like the fields that connect the towns and villages, huh?" I asked.

"Normally, people use horses or caravans..." Xajems chuckled. "But I know you, James... of course you travel the hard path..."

"Um, what do you mean?" I asked. Xajems laughed.

"Oh, James, you make me laugh..." Xajems crossed his arms. "Don't you realize that you always take things the hard way?"

"Do explain."

"In all this time, you never bothered to buy armor... you never got a stronger sword... you always have to fight using strategy instead of strength..."

"That's a little thing called brains over brawn."

The End

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