Chapter Two: Shadows of Darkness

"And you expect me to trust you?" I chuckled. "Um, no thanks. I'll be on my way now." I walked past the three men and heard them whispering. I slowed down and walked back a tiny bit to hear what they were whispering about.

"What now!?" Xustani hissed. "He refused! The master told us to not do anything to him!"

"I--I don't know," said Laxemich. "Hey, James! You sure!?"

"I think I'll pass on the offer," I replied and continued walking. I could tell that the three men were angry at each other. I heard angry whispering, and I heard a few slaps, then I heard Laxemich stop both of them.

"You made the right decision..."

I looked ahead and saw the Cloaked Man, or Xajems as those men called him. "So, you're with them?" I asked.

"Not necessarily with them..." the Cloaked Man looked towards Xustani, Dalxien and Laxemich.

"You all have "X"s in your names," I said. "And your names spells James without the "X". What's that all about?"

"We are fear in the hearts of man..." Xajem told me. "Our names are the names of the people who's hearts we dwell in. And I am in your heart."

"Why fear?" I asked. Xajems looked down at the floor.

"Our master created us that way..."

"Your master?" Xajems seemed to be fearful of something.

"Come with me. I wish to aid you, James..."

The End

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