Chapter Two: Shadows of Darkness

The Cloaked Man walked towards me and held out his hand.

"Come. I wish to show you something the Others don't want you to see."

"Huh?" I reached out to grab the Cloaked Man's hand, but suddenly, wind blew and he disappeared. I stood and looked around with Slasher held tightly. "What's going on?"

"Hmm. Xajems apparently doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut." a gruff voice said as the wind blew.

"Neither do you, Xustani," a calmer voice said through the wind.

"Xustani. Dalxien. Silence," a dignified voice said through the wind. Three men in black cloaks appeared, but they didn't wear hoods over their heads like the Cloaked Man I talked to. One man stood with a muscular build and a flattop haircut. Another stood, but this one was scrawny with long, grey hair. The third one that appeared had long, red hair and he was in between muscular and scrawny.

"Who're you three?" I asked.

"The fear in other people's hearts," the large man said.

"We dwell in the night realm of this world," the scrawny man said.

"And you just talked to Xajems," the red haired one said. "He is the fear in your heart. I am Laxemich, the fear from your brother's heart."

"I'm Dalxien, the fear in a man named Daniel's heart," the scrawny one said.

"And I'm Xustani, the fear in a man named Austin's heart," the large one said.

"James, your brother misses you," Laxemich said. "Why are you wasting your time looking for Archius when we can take you to Michael right now?"

The End

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