Chapter Two: Shadows of Darkness

The reason I sought Grandfather Archius was because I had a hunch that he could help me find Michael and Father. Michael was a twenty year-old man by now, and Father would be almost fourty years old. That sadness in my heart turned to anger when I remembered those men that attacked at Redalus Temple that day five years ago. Who were those men and why did they go after the people in the Temple?

"You ask many questions to yourself, but you know nothing..."

I sat straight up and looked around. Now I knew that something was up. "Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is not of any importance to you..."

"Well, I wanna know why you're just talking to me and why I can't hear you," I said. "Please, show yourself so I know I'm not going insane."

"As you wish, James..."

I looked forward as a man in a black cloak finally appeared.

"There. You are not insane, and I truly exist."

"Can you explain to me why you just keep appearing like this?" I asked.

"Artania is the start of your trials..."

"My trials? Why do all you villainous types make no sense?"

"I am not a villain to you, but I am the fear in your heart."

"The fear in my... heart?"

The End

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