Chapter Two: Shadows of Darkness

"Your world as you know it is changing..."

I looked around as I walked down that long path. "Who's there!?" I exclaimed. I held Slasher out and saw no one. Wind blew across the fields, and I stared back. I had been walking for probably two hours, and that town was no where in sight. The odd wind and that voice that spoke concerned me, like I knew something bad was gonna happen eventually. I continued to walk down the path in the fields with Slasher in hand, just in case something did happen.

"Beware the Dark Fog, James..."

"Okay, show yourself!" I yelled. The wind stopped blowing and I sighed. "Am I going insane?" I asked myself. I stopped and looked up at the darknening sky. The stars began to come out, but clouds slowly covered them. I collapsed to the floor and felt slight sadness in my heart. My Father and my brother had been taken from me for five years, and here I was, looking for my Grandfather, the former bearer of the Falchion. Archius Redalus. I'd been told stories about him and only met him about two times. Supposedly, Archius was the most famous out of the men/women in the Redalus family, besides our ancestor Grognon, anyways.

The End

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