Chapter One: The Journey Begins

I continued walking through the town until I saw two men preparing for a fist fight outside of the Goblin's Inn. They looked pretty angry at each other, and I felt the need to stop the fight before it got bad. I unsheathed Slasher and ran towards the two quarreling men. "HEY!" I yelled, aiming the blade of Slasher at them. "HOLD IT FOR A SECOND!" the men looked at me and suddenly, they both cracked up laughing.

"This kid thinks he's so strong because he's got a sword!" one of the men laughed.

"I'm a fifteen year old Redalus," I replied. Both men stopped laughing and stared at me. "Now, I want you two to tell me what you're fighting about."

"This man stole the room I made a reservation for!" one of the men exclaimed.

"That wasn't my fault!" the other man replied. "The man at the desk told me that your room was open!" The two men began to bicker again, and before they physically attacked each other, I stuck Slasher out between them, and they got silent.

"How about this?" I began. "Sir, if your room isn't reserved, then it isn't reserved. I'll rent one out for you. And you," I turned to the other man. "You can have the room you claim to have paid for. That sound good enough to you guys?"

"Y-yeah," they both stammered. I pulled out my bag of gold coins and saw how much was in there.

The End

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