Chapter One: The Journey Begins

"Hey, kid! Y' can't go so soon!" the drunk man Danny slurred. He stood out of his chair, but he was off balance and rocking back and forth as he stood. "I gotta few words for ya, and--and..."

"Siddown, Danny," Sheep slurred. "You're too taunk to dralk, or too drunk to talk."

"You all need jobs," I sighed. "Pay off your bar tabs, and get real lives." I unsheathed my Slasher and looked at it. After five years of having it, it felt so light weight. The wear on it was minimal, even after five extra years of training.

"Y' can't just tell us off like that, kid," Al said, standing from his seat. "Not without a fight." I turned around and aimed Slasher at him.

"I'm a Redalus," I whispered. "And I'm fifteen years old. You know how long we of the Redalus family train in the art of swordsmanship?"

"Y-y-you're a fifteen year old Redalus?" Al stammered nervously. "M-my mistake. Um, I-I'll just back away, and you can go f-find Archius." I nodded and walked away.

"Grandfather,"  I whispered to myself. "What would he want in Artania?" I sheathed Slasher and began to walk out of town. I knew that my first destination was for the Grand City of Artania, the capitol city in the country.

The End

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