The Prelude

I heard yelling coming from inside the temple, and swords slashing. Men dressed in regal armor carrying lances ran down the stairs, after me! I held Slasher up, but was afraid. Even after five years of training, I'd never actually fought someone who wanted to kill me.

"JAMES!!!" Michael yelled. I looked up and saw Michael running downstairs. I heard armor clanking behind me, and I saw many other men in this regal armor charging after me. I was going to be surrounded.

"Look out!" a girl's voice exclaimed. I turned around and saw a girl around my age with long, black hair. She rose her hands and a large invisible barrier surrounded the two of us. She jumped up and when she made impact with the floor, she placed her hands on the grass of the floor, the barrier turning into fire and incinerating the men. Before I had time to thank her, she disappeared as if by magic. I looked back up at Michael, and his Falchion seemed to not be enough to take care of the men. I ran up the stairs and prepared to fight.

"JAMES!!!" Michael yelled. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I gripped the hilt of Slasher and I stabbed forward at one of the men. The blade of Slasher bounced off of the armor, and the man turned around. He kicked me down the stairs and Slasher went flying once I lost my grip. I fell to the floor, and I was hurt. I wasn't as strong as Michael... I couldn't take the hit.

"Father... Michael..." I said weakly. I looked up and my vision was blurry. All I saw was a group of men carrying Father and Michael away, both of them unconscious. "Father... Michael..."

That was five years ago.

The End

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