The Prelude

"Rapier and Scimitar, huh?" I sighed quietly. "Father! I wanna find those two swords one day!"

"That would take a pretty long time, James," Michael said.

"Yeah, but with my Slasher, your Falchion and Father's Excalibur, the three of us can go on a journey together!"

"Well, we can't now--there it is! Redalus Temple!" Father pointed ahead. After almost a few hours of walking, we finally arrived. A large, stone temple that even after all these years, still looked like new. People actually lived in the temple.

"Well, I guess this is where we depart," Michael sighed. "I'll be back after I obtain the Eyes of Light, okay?"

"We'll see you then," Father said. "Make me proud."

"Good luck!" I exclaimed. Michael chuckled and waved to us as he walked up the long stairs. Suddenly, people with weapons charged past us and up the temple stairs.

"What's going on?" I asked Father.

"Michael's in danger," he said, unsheathing his Excalibur. "James, stay here, and if anyone tries to hurt you..."

"I'll use Slasher on them!" I replied, gripping the hilt of my sword with both hands. Father nodded and ran up the stairs. I stood and looked around. "Father, Michael..."


The End

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