The Prelude

"James, you will be a great warrior one day," Father said. "You just need to train more."

"Aww," I moaned. "But I've been training since I was five years old! I think I'm pretty strong now!"

"According to our ancestors, you need ten years total of mandatory sword training," Father replied. "You still have five more years of training to endure." I sighed with impatience and unsheathed the sword I carried. It wasn't as fancy-looking or as long as Michael's Falchion. I called mine "Slasher".

"One day, James, you will have Excalibur, the Greatsword that the very first Redalus himself bore," Father told me. "Grognon, you great man."

"Excalibur is for every other generation, right?" asked Michael. "Kinda like my Falchion?" Father chuckled and unsheathed a sword that looked a little bigger than Michael's Falchion.

"Indeed," he sighed. "These two swords, Falchion and Excalibur, are passed down, but they each skip a generation. However, when the previous generation has two children, the two swords are split among the two."

"And what if the past generation has more than two kids?" I asked.

"Well, there are two other swords that are hidden," Father replied. "Rapier and Scimitar. However, no Redalus has ever exceeded two children, which is why Falchion and Excalibur are the only two swords passed down."



The End

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