The Prelude

It has been five years since they went missing. The people with the eyes of light. For long, I have sought to find them, for one of them is my brother, and one of them is my father. I was ten years old when he was taken. I am James, and this is my story.

Prelude: Five Years Ago

I had no idea what was coming when my big brother Michael walked outside that night. I was ten, he was fifteen. Father had always trained us in the art of the sword, which was a skill passed down in the Redalus family for generations. I wasn't very good, but Michael, on the other hand, he was absolutely perfect. My name is James Redalus, the tenth generation Redalus child. Grandfather always said that at the age of fifteen, the children of the Redalus family were greatly skilled in sword training, and at the age of fifteen, the son or daughter of the previous generation would visit Redalus Temple, a temple built by the first Redalus, Grognon Aldan Redalus. There, the fifteen year old would be given Eyes of Light, charms that showed that they had become one with the light.


"Michael, this is a big day for you," Father said as the three of us walked to Redalus Temple. it was a long walk from where we lived. "And in five years, James, you too will be blessed by the eyes of light."

"I wanna be as strong as you, Michael!" I exclaimed with optimism. Michael chuckled and unsheathed the sword he called "Falchion".

"I'm not as strong as you think," Michael said. "I'm only as strong as I have trained for.

The End

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