“I don’t remember anything after we went to bed,” Rei said. It was then that he caught sight of the cuts on his hands and held them up to his face to examine them, his eyes tracing the wounds from his knuckles all the way to his elbows. “What happened to me?” he asked his eyes wide with shock.

                “Let’s go back to bed before I tell you that,” Asha suggested as he gently nudged the top of Rei’s head with his cheek. He unwound his arms from around his partner and took his hands to help him up off the floor. Rei let out a startled groan as unseen injuries and bruises stretched as he stood and Asha started to suspect that he had jumped or fallen out of the window instead of leaving the room through the door.

                He helped Rei over to their bed and pulled the covers down so that he could carefully climb under them. After Asha had helped him get comfortable he got into the bed himself and pulled the covers up over their bodies. Rei’s eyes were drooping again and Asha was almost hesitant to wake him up but this situation was dangerous and he had to know.

                “Rei, what kind of magic do you have?” he asked as he ran a finger over Rei’s cheek, a gesture he used when he wanted to soothe his partner’s nerves.

                “I don’t know,” Rei murmured, his eyes still closed and his voice heavy with sleep.

                “The doctors, your parents, no one ever told you?” Asha continued.

                “No, all I know is that I can control fire,” Rei told him.

                “Do you pray to Yangin every morning?” Asha asked.

               “Of course,” Rei replied. “Where is this going Asha?” His eyes were now open and looking intently at the other man, waiting for an answer. 

                Asha took a deep breath knowing that he couldn’t dance around the topic forever and said, “When I found you outside you had orange eyes like a dragon.”

                “What!?” Rei exclaimed as he fought his way up into a sitting position. “Are you sure?” he demanded.

                “Yes, I’m sure,” Asha said. Rei’s eyes shift from Asha’s to the top of the blanket as he nervously ran a hand through his hair.

The End

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