Clearing the fog

“If you follow me I’ll give you this,” he told him. Rei’s eyes which had been aimless and clouded were now clear and focused intently on the hanging pendent. Asha bounced it up and down a few times to make sure Rei was truly entranced before he started to back away from the eucalyptus tree and to the private soldiers quarters. Rei followed him all the way back to their room before he handed the necklace over and rushed to lock the still open window.

                Rei sat on the stone tiled floor with Asha’s necklace cradled in his bloodied hands, his eyes examining the name plate like he was trying to read it. While he was distracted Asha got as close to his partner as he dared and gently wrapped his arms around him. At first Rei struggled, growling and clawing at the Asha’s arms, but as he began to sing he stilled.

                Asha sang as many songs as he could remember, anything, everything. He sang prayers to the gods and prayers for protection. He made up his own, trying to put his feelings into words that Rei would understand through his clouded mind. He sang until he ran out of breath and as he looked down at his partner who had gone quiet in his arms he noticed that Rei’s eyes were closed like he was asleep. Asha couldn’t help the small sob that escaped his lips as he slowly brushed some hair out of Rei’s face. Gently he took back the necklace that was still between Rei’s fingers and stretched his arm out to the bedside table where he deposited it. Slowly Rei’s eyes fluttered open and relief flooded Asha’s body when he saw that they were brown again, human again.

                “What happened?” Rei asked; his voice rough.

                “You don’t remember?” Asha replied, his own voice portraying his disbelief.

                “No,” Rei said slowly, his mouth unsure of how to form the words that he wanted to say. “Why are we on the floor?”

                “I woke up and you were gone. The window was open so I got up to close it and as I looked outside I saw you under the eucalyptus tree in the courtyard. You really don’t remember going outside?” Asha told him. 

The End

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