“Rei?” Asha softly called to the other man. As he got closer he saw that his partner’s clothes were ripped and that blood was dripping from wounds on his hands, arms and back. “What happened?” Rei’s breathes were coming in harsh pants, his shoulders moving with the force of each one, and Asha was afraid that he was going to pass out. “Rei?” Asha said a little louder, his voice shaking with worry. He was rooted to his spot as he observed Rei, he was not acting right and his wounds were strange looking.

                Rei finally raised his head to look at Asha and the man nearly fainted. Rei’s eyes had changed from their usual brown to a fiery orange gold, the pupil slitted instead of round. Everyone in Yuru Tami had heard the legends of the people with reptilian eyes but Asha had never believed in dragons. Until now. Asha couldn’t breathe.

                “You’re a…a…dragon,” he stuttered. Asha’s lungs felt like they were locked in a death grip, squeezed to the point of suffocation. A few stunned seconds passed before Asha managed to regain his senses but when he did he realized that he had to snap Rei out of it. “Rei, Rei it’s me Asha. Come on you have to fight it,” Asha said as calmly as he could. Rei continued to stare at him with no recognition that he had heard his voice and Asha’s fear became panic; was it too late? “Rei can you hear me at all?” he asked. Slowly Rei cocked his head to the side, his glowing eyes now focused on Asha instead of nothing like before.

                Asha took a few tentative steps forward but stopped when Rei growled at him. Frustrated and upset he knew that he had to get Rei inside before the night time guards swept the premises for intruders. If they saw Rei with dragon eyes they would capture him or kill him if they couldn’t restrain him. Slowly Asha unhooked his necklace; a copy of the one Rei wore with his own name on it, and showed it to the other man.

The End

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