Eyes of a Dragon

This time it's Rei's turn to disappear in the middle of the night and Asha knows that something is wrong. He doesn't realize how dangerous the situation is however until he finds Rei outside and sees his eyes.

There is a large gap between this story and On the banks of the Shinjuu. I just never wrote anything about the interim that was worth while.

Something was wrong, he could feel it. Asha woke from a fitful sleep to find the other side of the bed cold and the window open, a cool breeze blowing in. He knew that Rei had come to bed with him and that that damned window had been closed but from the feeling of the sheets Rei had not been next to him for a long time. Asha was worried; he was usually the impulsive one who would disappear during the middle of the night, never Rei. He wondered what could have possibly driven the level headed man to leave with no warning.

                Asha threw the blanket off and swung his feet onto the floor, his eyes gazing at the open window. He got up and padded over to it, wondering why Rei had opened it in the first place and looked out over the sleeping military compound. The moon was full and beautiful, its light illuminating the roofs of the buildings, the orange, red, and brown tiles gleaming like the scales of a fish. He was about to close the window again when he caught sight of a crouching bloody figure underneath one of the eucalyptus trees in the yard.

                Forgetting about the window completely Asha hurriedly pulled his sandals on before running out of their shared room, hastily closing the door behind him. He ran the entire way to the courtyard, his heart pounding in his chest as the adrenalin in his blood system propelled him forward. As he neared the eucalyptus tree he slowed so as not to scare the person, all the while trying to confirm if the person was Rei. When he saw the familiar blue of the man’s pants he knew that he was right.

The End

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