This is just a little peak at some of the book im writing (see my profile) tell me if you think i should continue writing it. It is actually the prefix.

My mom used to tell me that rain drops were Gods tears. I always assumed that since rain was his sadness, than thunder was his rage. I never thought about what lightning might be, though. Now that i think about it, maybe lighting was his spirit or passion. Rising from the bottom, from nothing, to the top, to everything. The third possibility I'm thinking of, it isn't a good one. Perhaps it was his hate. I've heard alot about hate, but the one thing i believe about it: hate is storng, powerful and it sometimes comes in large amounts. Most people i know, always assume that when you hate someone, it hurts them. However, hate is a curved blade. Whatever hurts them, hurts us as well. Maybe it's not God's blade, but it is someones. Someone i met about a year ago.

The End

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