Eye Sight

Read it, and find out ... dare you ....

The girl was sunning herself, spread out on the wall like a cat, gracefully relaxed and yet poised, too. Her back was to the setting sun, so that her face was eclipsed in shadow, and her golden hair seemed to burn like a heavenly aura about her head. She was dressed plainly, in non-descript, discrete attire, although she wore them well. She smiled at David, and took a swig from a silver hip flask, grinning like the cheshire cat all the while.

''Well hello there. I am Elvira. It is pleasant to meet you.''

David smiled back sheepishly. Beautiful girls never spoke to him, and this girl was beyond beautiful, so the occasion was made even more rare. She had a funny sort of speech, like she was foreign or something, and a cool, crisp voice, although her accent was perfectly english.

''I'm David'' said David.

The End

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