The story of a regular girl with a huge secret to protect, though she doesn't believe herself.

"Hey Dad!" I yelled as I shut the door behind me, throwing my backpack on the striped  couch. I heard him typing in the keyboard, the clicking noise familiar. I expected this, seeing as how he was a professional accountant.

"Daddy guess what? I met a boy today." I threw the words behind me, heading to the counter and grabbing a bright red apple. Ever since my mother died, the two of us had that kind of relationship. I told him everything. And he told me everything. I took a bite and chewed, waiting for him to respond.
"Dad?" I asked again. He got up and started running around the room, grabbing various items from drawers and cabinets.

He still didn't seem to notice I was home. "What's going on here?"
"Listen, Emily," he finally stopped and grabbed my shoulders, looking in my eyes. "I haven't been completely honest with you. I'm not just an accountant. And my other job needs me to leave right now. I can't have you worrying about me. Okay?"
"What?!" I exclaimed, none of this sinking in. What was he talking about? His eyes got watery and his lips turned down at the corners.
"I'm sorry I can't explain it more. But I have to go." And with that he grabbed a big canvas bag out of nowhere and left the house, leaving me standing there in the middle of our big, empty house. Alone.

The door suddenly opened again and his head popped in.
"And I don't want you seeing that boy. No. Boys. Got it?" I nodded my head slowly and he left again. This time, for good.

The End

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