Painful Walls

The smell of wood filled the space. The two awoke to a mild sense of confusion and nothing but wood. Wood floors, wood walls, and wooden memories.

Miranda instinctually crawled towards Derek. She wanted them to be apart, but now it seemed they had no one else, but each other.

She delicately ran her fingers through Derek’s matted brown hair. Tendrils of light shone through cracks in the ceiling and walls, illuminating the dark room. Until now, Miranda had not seen the extent of Derek’s injuries. A film of sweat and blood covered his body. He sat in an awkward position, so she slipped and arm behind his neck, helping him move. Wincing in pain to even the slightest movement, the process took some time. Mustering up whatever energy remained, he hugged her. They sat together in the embrace.

Immediately they moved apart when they heard “the noise”. Beginning as a soft scratch it evolved into a sound similar to that of a coffee grinder. Then, the wall swung open.

The End

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