Extraordinary Disaster

Everything is not what it seems...
Miranda thinks a break-up is the the worst thing that can happen. That is far from the truth. A dramatic and romantic twist to two teens being held in captivity.

She stood on the first stair, took two glances, then disappeared.

Miranda Cladis tossed her history book into her locker, slamming it shut. This was going to be a long day. Derek snuck up from behind and swept her into a hug. This will be harder than I thought, she realized. "I love you," he whispered soothingly. When he finally let her out of the embrace, he held her gaze with his adoring amber eyes. Hers, on the other hand, had lost their usual sparkle, and he noticed."I can't fix it if you don't tell me," he cooed. Although he said it playfully, concern put an edge on the statement. Miranda backed away, this was unusual. The moment Derek neared to comfort her, she ran into her first period classroom. Derek was left alone in the empty hallway, where the tardy bell resonated. He glanced back to where they had just stood, then slowly trudged off to class.

Today was not the typical day- the lecture dragged on for the length of three, or so it seemed. As long as no one noticed. As long as she kept to herself. She already knew of the looming break-up with handsome, loving Derek.

Cleverly, Miranda slipped into the crowd to avoid making contact with Derek. Nevertheless, he caught up with her.

"We have to break-up," Miranda commented flatly,"but it's no-".

"Don't say anymore." Pleaded Derek, his voice quivering. He knew what was coming next. The typical, "It's not you, it's me," reassuring statement. It would not help in the least bit. It would just prolong the agony. Miranda flowed into the mass of students which was called the "hallway". Shocked, Derek stood like an abandoned puppy, with no comfort or love.

He locked himself in the farthest stall in the bathroom and sat against the wall, thinking, wondering what could have gone wrong. Their relationship had been an interesting one. They hadn't really acknowledged each other at first, but eventually held a conversation. After a while they became close friends. This had been years ago- he couldn't recall, it seemed they had always been friends. Always when it really mattered. They dated for some time, but it had never been official. Until now.

Knowing Derek as well as she did, Miranda knew he wouldn't, couldn't take this well. How long had they been friends now, 5 years? About give or take a few months. Charming as he was, he had a dark side. He was one that was considered "popular". He had had his share of fights. Secretly, Miranda longed to be in that crowd. To be looked up to. To be highly regarded, to be loved, to be despised. When they became friends, popularity became natural. So were the rumors, but everything has a price.

As soon as she could she excused herself to the bathroom. She dug her overly embellished phone out of her pocket. Here fingers glided across the screen, writing a simple but emotional, "Are you okay?"

The response came sooner than expected, the gist being, "just get out of my life".

This did not come as a surprise to Miranda. Innocently, she walked back to her room. So far the day was nothing but a disaster.

The End

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