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Ears are ringing. Body is shaking, world is collapsing, blood is running down my face. A girl is shouting and pointing from across the street.  I force my body upright as the ground rattles again.  I stumble towards her my hearing slowly returning, but its coming in all distorted like a radio with a bad signal.  She grabs my hand.  

"this way, come on! You'll be safe!"

The ground rattles again, as an explosion and gun fire ring in the distance. We take off running as debris and shrapnel rain from the heavens. The sounds of might airplane engines soar overhead as the violent hammering of machine guns assaulted the air.  I couldn't remember why I was in the middle of the street just then. It only felt like minutes ago I was working on repairing the hospital. Why us? We darted from car to car until she told me to wait.  Despite the panic in my body telling me to run I managed to stay put as I watched her run into the open courtyard ahead. I held my breath the engines were getting closer again. 

"Get down!" I yelled from behind an abandonned car, "Get down!" I said flailing as if it would help. 

Something hit the ground with a clang and before I knew a fire had consumed her and had blinded me.  I laid still hoping it would go away ,or be erased from this hell.  I kept my eyes closed gripping the side of the car paralyzed with fear.   It had been like this for a few years.  Or longer it was hard to say. I spent so much time trying to find a place free from this hell but eventually it caught up to me. The reasons had long been lost to me. Survival and fear had ruled my life for far too long. I made my stand here in this death trap of a city. Maybe it was time to move on. the sounds of combat and destruction after an uncountable amount of time thundered away. I managed to pry my eyes open and wrench my hands off the frame of the car. Looking to where I last saw the girl. There wasn't much left. I wretched but nothing came up making the process all that more painful as I re-realized that blood was still dripping from my head.   to be finished for this chapter

The End

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