This is a story about a girl. A girl, who is extraordinary.

“Shut up.” I whispered frostily as I sneaked down the stairs. My little brother Harley grinned at me. Harley is twelve, four years younger than I am.


“I didn’t say anything!” he exclaimed indignantly, still grinning. I glared at him.


“What the heck is wrong with you? Swallow a crazy pill? You look like a hyena.” That wiped the smile off his face.


“I’m just thinking about later on today. I can’t believe what Felecia has planned for you today.” The grin emerged again. I froze.


“Oh, no.” I exclaimed. Felicia was our mother. I grabbed and apple and headed towards the door, but I was too late.


“McKayla!” Felicia exclaimed in her high, shrill voice. “Come here.” I had no choice but to obey.


“Fe- Mom. What do you need?” We weren’t allowed to call her Felicia to her face.


“Today,” she announced proudly, “we are going to a tea party! Won’t that be fun?” I groaned. After Felicia and Dad broke up, Felicia went a little manic-prone. She wasn’t so much now, after they had gotten back together, but she still had a few… problems.


“Oh, mom, I can’t. I have to help Brittany with her garage sale today!” I tried to sound disappointed.

“Oh, dear.” Felicia looked worried. “I wanted you to come…” her voice trailed off. She almost made me want to cancel. Almost.


“Hey…” I said slowly, looking at Harley. “Why don’t you take Harley along? I’m sure he’d love to come!”


Harley’s eyes widened. “I…” he said, surprised.


“Great!” yelled Felicia. “Come on Harley, let’s put you in something more 18th century… Hmm…” She grabbed Harley’s hand and towed him to her closet.


I smiled after him, then headed out the door.

The End

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