Primary Flight

This was from many years ago, I was probably only 10 at the time.

The power of flight. My dream from the beginning; the ability to fly. I was barely a foot above the ground but I was above it. It was a weird way to fly, horizontal to the play ground and trying not to let my feet scrape along it.

At some point, I managed to bring myself up-right so I was vertical again yet my feet were still a foot from the ground. Looking up, I wondered if I could go higher. I tried kicking my legs as if I was in water but that just moved me horizontally and didn't give me any extra height that I could tell. 

I flew round one of the small buildings into a little courtyard only 3 by 3 meters and flew myself into one of the walls from the three buildings making the courtyard but instead of crashing into it, I flew over the top. It was a great feeling, to feel the air supporting my weight and to move freely in it. There was no body around, no body to see me. The green grass of the school playing field stretched out behind me and the school itself below me.

Moving like a jellyfish, I flapped my arms and I moved higher into the sky. It was hard work but I managed another meter or so. I was so happy that I could finally fly after all these years of trying.

Then I turned to the sun and everything went white.

The End

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