Extracts from my dreams.

Ok, most confusing post so far. It's not so much a story as a way to right down the ideas of my subconsciousness. aka my dreams. It sucks that I can't remember a lot of good ones but I'll right down the extracts of those I can remember.

Written Pain

I closed the laptop lid with a click. The noise echoed round the stone room. No windows, so doors; just a laptop that somehow got internet. I didn't know how I got there; all I knew was that I opened the laptop to see a page of names and titles staring back at me. The words seemed to dissolve and no matter which button I pressed, I couldn't get to another page until I finished reading the first one. Then the next one. Then the next...

A hot pain jabbed into my chest making me writhe in agony. All I could see was blood as another vein in my eye burst. I clawed at my arms in an attempt to cover up the torment with physical pain.

As quickly as it came, it was gone; replaced by the blank white walls. I could feel it there, just bellow my consciousness. Waiting for when I was defenceless. It would be back for me.

Why am I crying?A couple of tears fell from my left eye, my right was closed because of the close proximity to the cold floor. A rant was one thing but reading an uncovered soul was dreadful to read and it hurt. Oh it hurt.

I had never felt anything so terribly sad in my life. I'd seen strangers cry and I'd go over to do my job to make the person feel better. I'd watched arguments break out among the closest of friends and I fixed the temporary tear; I couldn't bare people being torn. I'd even talked two boys out of suicide.

Now, as I read paragraph after paragraph, I grew up; I realised that I can't fix everything. Not everyone wants to be helped, not everyone can be saved. It hurt.

The laptop beeped and the lid, seemly of its own accord, lifted to show his page again. Fire; it burned in the words and in my eyes. Once again, the agony drove me to the floor. I howled in pain and sobbed as my howl echoed back into my ears.

The End

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