Sighing, she crawled through the broken door of an abandoned building. The room was a mess, but at least it wasn’t on fire, and was a considerable distance away from the majority of the combat. Alice scrounged for supplies, finding nothing of great use, except for a half eaten packet of stale biscuits in a cupboard next to a moth eaten cloth. Yawning, she looked outside. The sky was lit with a fiery glow from the unending battle, but a few stars were now visible. A tiny sliver of the waning moon could be seen far away, a tranquil sight in the harsh world. Alice reached for the cloth, unfurling it and laying it down on the only patch of flat ground. She took her outer jacket off and lay down on the cloth, the darkness of sleep enveloping her.


She dreamed of peace. Of her perished friends.


Alice awoke to a scratching noise coming from above. Rolling onto her back, she could see small clouds of dust falling from the ceiling onto her face. She spluttered, and moving her jacket aside, she carefully rose, working her way towards a ladder leading to the upper floor. Gripping it tightly, she tugged, testing if it was secure. It refused to budge, so Alice began pulling herself up, slowly and carefully, the ladder creaking ever so slightly, shattering the silence in an almost painful way. She reached the top and opened up the trap door above her, looking around. Darkness surrounded her. Tapping the floor lightly, she sighed, and slowly climbed down again. Rummaging through her jacket, she found a small device, octagonal in shape, with markings along the outside.


“What the?” she began, when the runes glowed and a soft light brightened the area. “Oh… how convenient”


As she went back to the ladder, she hesitated, and retrieved a knife from one of the pockets.


“Better safe than sorry” she muttered under her breath, climbing back up. Reaching the next floor she pulled herself onto the floor. The scratching came to an abrupt stop. Raising the device the light intensified, and the room erupted into light.


She almost wished it hadn’t. In the centre of the room was a dark shape, hunched over, bright yellow eyes staring directly at her. Its stunted arms ended in three sharp claws, sharp fangs filled its mouth, creating a sinister, terrifying grin. The figure turned towards her, cocking its head to one side, and opening its mouth, emitting a sharp shriek. It leapt towards her. Alice ducked as the thing sailed overhead, turning as she saw it slide along the ground, claws digging sharp grooves into the wooden floor. It charged again, but this time Alice was ready. She drew her knife, bringing it down as the creature passed, slicing through what appeared to be its neck. Its body smashed into the floor, the head rolling away. She sighed, turning away. A clattering from behind drew her attention, and she turned again. The corpse of the figure was shimmering, and she watched in horror as long tendrils erupted from the creature’s back, propping it up like a puppet. One grabbed the head, and lifted it up. The eyes flared a bright yellow, before turning to a sinister red colour. The head opened its mouth and let out a deafening roar. Wind blew and threw dust and debris throughout the room, slamming the trap door shut. Alice looked around in panic as the creature shambled towards her, moaning. In desperation she threw her knife at the creature. It severed a tentacle, but before Alice could celebrate the tendril reformed. Finding herself backed in a corner, she held the device close to her chest, clutching it tightly. She was terrified. Thoughts of gruesome ways of dying filled her mind and she was powerless to quell them.


It changed. Suddenly the thoughts of terror changed, became thoughts of revenge, anger. She would not die like this, alone, afraid. She would survive. She would avenge the death of her friends. The device glowed brightly, and Alice felt herself rise uncontrollably. She held the device out in front of her, and the segments extended and rotated. Electricity sparked between segments and to the ground, filling the room with blue light. Her anger manifested itself; she could almost feel it being pulled into the device. She opened her eyes, and a blinding beam of white light smashed into the creature, ripping through it. It blinked and then the light faded. A gaping hole was present in the thing’s chest, and it whimpered, falling backwards, almost comically. Alice turned the thing over in her hands, inspecting it. Light no longer shone from it, plunging the room into darkness, and Alice felt her way carefully along the floor for the trap door. Finding it, she dropped down onto the ground floor.


She retrieved her jacket and placed the object into her top pocket, and zipped it up. Patting it, she felt like laughing. This power was hers, beyond anything anyone else had. Running to the window, she leapt through, landing crouched, glass flying past. She looked down the street, and took off, leaping over anything that got in her way. She was unstoppable, and would have her vengeance.


Wreckage blocked the street in front of her, but undaunted, she swiftly surveyed the area and found a side route, turning and diving through a nearby doorway. She sprinted up the stairs, reaching the top floor and smashed open a door onto the roof. Slowly coming to a stop at the edge of the roof, she breathed out. Below her were 10 stories of air, a straight drop to the ground. The next roof was way too far for her to jump.


Alice turned back, walking towards the doorway. As she reached it, however, she spun around and sprinted towards the edge of the roof, leaping as she got to the edge. She sailed through the air, free as a bird. Air rushed past her. An unnerving smile formed on her face, her eyes flashing a bright red.


“Nice job hero” the man muttered to Dark. He sighed, and began sharpening his knives.

The End

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