Only a few more corridors and she’d be at the orb. It had been an easy infiltration so far, but Alice knew not to get in over her head. Chances were that it was a ruse for a big trap nearer her goal, and that she’d walk right into it. She sighed, pressing herself against the wall and slowly sliding down the hallway. A window was up ahead, and Alice ducked under it, staying in the shadows. Rounding the corner, she spotted a dim red light on the far wall. Squinting, she could almost make out the shape of the camera, and reached into her pocket, drawing out a small crossbow. With movements that showed her mastery of the weapon, she took aim and fired. There was a small ‘tink’ as the bolt hit something metal, and the light went out. Carefully, Alice holstered the bow and continued onward, the only sound being the slight noise of her feet stepping on the cold stone. She reached the next corner and carefully peered round. She couldn’t see anything. Moving back, she pressed herself back up against the wall and lay there thoughtfully.


Then she remembered, reaching into her waist pack and rummaging around, before finally retrieving what she was looking for. She held them up, adjusted a few dials and put the goggles on. Peering around again, she pressed a button and the passage exploded into green light, almost blinding her. Quickly she took them off, blinking in the darkness tapped a few buttons on the night vision goggles, before putting them back on. This time, her view was of the corridor in a dim shade of green. She still couldn’t see any traps, and slowly moved towards the door at the far end.


She was about half way before she felt her foot sink slightly and heard a tiny clicking noise. A pressure pad. Acting on instinct, she dived towards the door, clearing the rest of the passage and rolling to safety in the doorway as the floor of the passage dropped away. Wiping sweat off her brow, she focused on her goal ahead, carefully opening the door and edging around it. She closed it and slid down it, sighing heavily. Collecting her thoughts, she cleared her mind and examined the room before her. Just a simple square room with a pillar in the centre. Small markings covered it, but she knew better than to get close to them; they were normally bait for other traps. Still, she kept them in mind as she began creeping around the room. It was a short and uneventful journey, but she was thankful for it. Reaching the far door, she opened it and saw the orb on its pedestal. However, the rest of the room consisted mainly of void. There were only a few spread platforms, and they didn’t appear to be supported by anything, so Alice was fearful of putting her weight on them. She experimentally put a foot out into the void, but felt no invisible floor. Sighing, she adjusted her wrist mounted dart gun, and prepared to fire.


She stopped aiming and looked around. She could’ve sworn she’d heard a faint clunk. And again. A faint clunking, as if something were falling into place, as if…

She lowered her weapon and sighed, looking back at the pillar. There was a small square hole where one of the markings had been, and a tube was visible. The floor inside the room had vanished, so Alice was stuck with the doorway. Another clunk, and Alice waiting for the inevitable arrow. Then she had an idea, and raised the dart gun behind her as time slowed to a crawl. She fired the gun, the dart sailing into the air, before falling as it reached the end of the cord, hurtling down to earth and burying itself in the pedestal. Alice leapt backwards as the arrow fired, and she felt it rush past her face, mere inches from where she last stood. The cord pulled taught and she was jarred heavily. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she retracted the rope, pulling herself up. Being careful not to get in the arrow launcher’s line of sight, she grabbed the orb and placed it in her waist pack. Then, with apparent natural skill, she gripped the metal railing surrounding the orb’s stand and fired the dart again, this time at the far door. It stuck, and Alice leapt into space again, pulling herself into the doorframe. She smashed the door open and began running, before feeling a sharp impact on her back. Looking down she saw an arrow through her chest, and looked back at the launcher, far away.


She sighed, and collapsed.

The End

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