New Species of Squiggly Thingy Discovered!Mature

The Morning French Horn
Sumwere, Australia
30th December 2009

New Species of Strange Squiggly Creature Discovered in the Pacific!

Scientists and other such brainy types were baffled this morning by the discovery made by thirty-year-old surfer Sandy Shorts on Baggy Beach this morning. Whilst falling off yet another wave, Mr. Shorts scrambled out of the water to find the three-foot-long pale mauve and green spotted creature attached to his leg.

"It was the strangest thing I've ever seen!" he said, "It looked like a herd of kangaroos had stood on it and then chewed it up and put it through a meat grinder before putting it back together with cellotape!"

The creature, nicknamed Squash by researchers, is now held in Loosepants Zoo in Sumwhere, and has become a great attraction with tourists.

Scientists hope to identify the creature once they stop laughing at it's ridiculous appearance.

Article written by: Roo Pue

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