Extra! Extra!Mature

Welcome to Extra! Extra! This is where you can post fictional, stupid articles. You may use some adult humor, but nothing over the edge. Here's an example of what the article must look like:

Name ---->                       The Daily Platypus

City----->                               Arsonist, Florida

Date---->                               Dec. 3, 2009

Article Title ---->                     Man Violates Fake Dolphin Act

Body---->    Allen Movosto, inventor of P.E.N.I.S (Perpetual Enslavement of the Nicest Impending Sexists) was arrested today for violating the Dolphin Protection Act, which does not exist. When asked how he violated the non-existant act, he responded, "The hole was already wet." He is now in prison.

by---->    - Pot Belly

Here are some rules:

  1. Must have 4 articles per paper.
  2. Must be a fake incident.
  3. You may double post.
  4. You may use the same paper names, just ask for the creators' permission.

So, have fun! (Note: Must use entirely FAKE names, places, and incidents.)

The End

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