Extinguishing Flames of the World.

End of days, not elaborated upon.

Wrapped up in your smile
I see the end of days
Reflected in your twinkling eyes
Ive died to many ways.

 The breathe comes ragged from my chest
Which has been torn asunder,
The answering cry comes from above
Echoed in the thunder.

 A glance around this wasted plain

Reflected by my soul
Reveals to me mind as ‘sane’
Must become my foremost goal.

 The ash that’s raining from the sky
And the wind that blows it round

Have become my only witness
To the hell in which Im found.

 I never thought this mortal flesh
Was a prison to which we’re held
But now that I am free’d from it
I clamber from its shell.

 The shifting wind grabs my form hazey as it be,
Towards the heavens I am propelled
The extinguishing flames of the world,
All that the eye can see.

The End

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