Extinguishing FiresMature

The journey of an ant and his family...

He reached for the hem of the Levi jean pants leg. He almost lost his grip on the faintly ribbed, cotton ankle sock.

            I cannot believe that this human would be so cruel. We were not bothering anyone; we didn't even invade his crumbs from his lunch!

            As he continued to reach, he considered giving up because of the difficulty of reaching the jeans.

I must do this for my mother and father.

He grunted and finally grabbed hold of the hem.

This is for my brother and my uncle.

Climbing the pants leg frantically and valiantly, he pondered a myriad of painful actions he should take against the human. He wished he could crush or stomp on them without thought or aim. It would be even easier to simply use a harsh spray that would bring humans to a slow death.

With a cursory glance, he ensured that his friends still faithfully followed. They marched with more purpose than the Spartan army: they were standing by for war. They did not mind effectually assisting him since they all experienced casualties on a daily basis. However, they all found themselves tired of grieving for lost loved ones and took action against the careless humans. Not only did humans butcher their loved ones, but they also ruined their homes.

All of this work simply because some lackadaisical human destroyed my family.

He reached a rip near the knee area of the jeans and laughed aloud at the thought of crawling inside the hole and aiming to bite more than just a mere arm or leg. He wanted to bite onto revenge so powerful and unforgettable that humans would feel forced to build fences around their homes.

A friend approached, "Excuse me sir, but may I ask a question on behalf of the others?"


"Do you aspire to go inside that hole? If I may suggest this, it would be a much easier route," the brave friend asked.

"I was just thinking of doing so, and since you asked, yes! We will go there!" he shrieked so loud that it encouraged his motivated followers to shout along with him in agreement.

Pursuing the hole, he continued to crawl faster and faster, focused on being the one with the first bite. He already informed the others not to bite until he retrieved the first taste of sweet victory-a human, frantically squirming and revolting his body in pain in an attempt to rid him of the rapidly moving pests that he could barely locate. And just the thought of leaving behind an itch of fire rekindled a fire deep within him-a fire that was temporarily extinguished upon hearing the news of the death of his family.

Finally, he was underneath the fabric of Levi. He attempted to continue crawling at the same pace he did outside the jeans, but he found that he had to dodge and practically leap over hairs, high as grass, but more sporadic and flexible.

He crawled and leaped until the same friend approached again, "Excuse me sir, but may I ask a question on behalf of the others?"


"The others would like to know when and where you plan to take the first bite."

"Tell them," his mind raced with enthusiasm, "when we reach the forbidden land, the land that no one has ever escaped alive!"

"Sir, I know that you are livid and ill from grief, but you can't be serious!"

"I can be when I think of my family. Now, carry on."

The friend retreated in order to give the others the news, which resulted in screams of terror, for they were afraid to be killed. He heard his friend encouraging the militia of the frightened that beyond this potential death was victory-not only for this family, but also for all families previously slaughtered. The militia, more at peace, scrambled on.

He reached the forbidden land and began to lose balance from the hurried movement of the human-the human knew they were there. Aware of their arrival to the forbidden land due to the horrendous stench and coarse thickness of the hairs, he continued through the dark forest of underbrush. It was already dark from being underneath the fabric, which made the trek through the scrub much more difficult. He knew the others were growing impatient, waiting for his hellish bite, but he trudged on, seeking a more sensitive area.

When he reached an area that resembled a flat surface, easier to crawl upon and smooth with only minimal, fine hairs, he knew he reached the sensitive place. He desired to make this the bite of bites. He would open his mouth as wide as he could, baring all of his teeth and fire, releasing the same horrid and tumultuous pain to the human that he felt only days ago. He grinned, knowing that not only would the human feel the fire on his shriveled and hiding groin, but also everywhere else a fellow attacker eagerly waited and stood, waiting for his signal.

He opened his mouth, daring to take his last fiery and victorious bite.


"On my God! A fire ant just bit my-my...!" The man yelped, becoming inaudible as his wife grabbed the hose, using water to fight the fire. 

The End

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