Chapter Two: The Stadium

// I figured each chapter will start off without continuing from the previous. Instead it turns to another character. This way, one is forced to keep reading to get back to the story of their favorite chapter//


Chapter Two

The Stadium

Celia wiped the white cement from her eyes as she slowly regained consciousness. Her head throbbed in relentless pain as she tried to adjust to the flickering light. Where was she? Why was she on the floor? Then it all came flooding back. She remembered the deafening screams from outside the locker room. She remembered the walls and lockers rattling under strain as the ceiling boards fell. She remembered calling out for help in vain when the lockers pinned her to the floor. She remembered why she was here:

"Wait for me, okay," her boyfriend of 3 years told her. 

He had a sincere, loving spark in his eyes as he held her head between his hands, his rough fingers caressing her cheeks, teasing her with a kiss. She loved when he held her like this, felt as if nothing in the world could ever hurt her.

"I have something I need to ask you," he whispered.

"Ask me now," she replied.

"After my game," he said, loving her impatience, "Just wait here for me."

He had a very important game on tonight, one he had been training hard for, for the past year. American football was his life. And the scouts in the stands were the only people who could make his dream of playing professionally a reality.

" You nervous?" she asked as she layed her head on his chest and felt his hear racing.

"Not for the game," he teased, then with his come-to-bed smile and backward jog, he left the locker room for the second half of the game.

Celia knew how Rob felt about her, that even though they had had their pointless fights and regular weekend break-ups, he still always came back to her. She had searched his locker for the ring but Rob was too smart for her. She knew what he would ask, and waited with baited breathe.

She couldn't move. Where was everybody? The lockers were too heavy for her to lift. She brushed some of the rubble away to prevent cutting herself while she tried to lift herself off the ground. But it was no use, not now anyway. She was still hurting from when they fell. She would need to gather her strength.

Looking up, she noticed the locker room door was opened, but the burning in her throat from inhaling the dust stopped her from calling out. She saw a hand grasping at the door frame, but on the floor? Someone was pulling themselves into the locker room, or at least trying to. Celia stared as the person dragged himself as if his legs were broken.

It was the coach.

He tried to call to Celia when he saw her pinned under the lockers, but his mouth was filled with thick blood. Instead, it came out like gargle. Celia noticed the fear in his bloodshot eyes, the panic, the sheer desperation to stay alive. But there was another shadow looming over him, much bigger than a normal person. She couldn't see the thing, but it pulled the coach by the leg, till Celia could see him no more. Instead all she heard were louder pleading groans.

She could only watch from the shadows on the wall in corridor. Whatever it was, it lifted the coach up into the air. He gurgled, choking on his own blood, his hands dangling on his side.

Blood splattered the wall. Celia heard what sounded like a blade tearing into flesh. But not slicing. Cutting. Slowly cutting through the coach.

She clasped her hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. Tears stained her cheeks. It killed him! It just killed him. She saw the body drop to the ground, and through the door her only view was the coach's head. His eyes were frozen open in horror. Staring straight at her. 

Celia tried to edge herself further under the lockers to hide. What if it came for her? What was it? What was going on? All the blood. It filled the coach's eyes, then came tearing out. Her heart raced. Could the thing hear that? She couldn't breathe. She started to hyperventilate. She was losing consciousness. 

She thought, "Rob, where are you?" then the world went black. She felt her head throb in sheer pain once more, then passed out.


The End

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