The Landing

Without warning, the world is thrown into chaos as visitors from another world attempt to wipe out the human race. Now, small human settlements must try to survive as they uncover the greatest conspiracy ever conceived; that these visitors are not what they seem....

Chapter One

Prologue: The Landing


It was always the same dream.

Or memory.

It was the old house.

The dinner table was set perfectly. All of moms best plates and cutlery, laid out with the love and care only a mother could give on her sons birthday. And although he was already 16 years old, Kevin never tired of this tradition; the day his family would gather at the table to celebrate something they considered to be of the highest regard.

His dad would take leave from work early on these occasions, once even risking his job at the factory. Not even that could stop him. His mom, what one would consider a typical workaholic, would have her paperwork shoved into the messy desk in the study and her cellphone turned off, not silent. His brother, just 4 years old, had also become accustomed to this ritualistic behaviour; it happened on his birthday as well. And what with being very sickly at birth, Kevin treasured seeing Brydo home and safe where he belonged. Not back in a hospital bed every few months.

He never cared much for having friends over. After having lost his best friend just over a year ago, he kept himself secluded from the rest. But he had all that he needed right here. His family. His home. And the huge bowl of cottage pie mom just brought in from the kitchen, his favourite. 

And then it changed.

Blinding white light shot in through the mostly glass house. His dad shot up and grabbed Brydo, clutching him tight as the tiny capsules smashed in through the windows.

"Steve!" his mom yelled.

Then the deafening sound of a flash bomb filled Kevins ears. The ringing threw him to the ground as he shut his eyes tight, trying to focus, to see what was going on, to see where his mom was. He called out to her but couldn't even hear his own voice. Just the muffled sound as the front door was smashed in. He tried to catch a glimpse, saw armed men in kevlar suits swarm into the living room. His mother. He has to get to his mother. He pushed himself up but got shoved into the wall with a gun in his face by one of the intruders. He couldn't see the man, the mask was almost completely black, but he could hear some semblance of an instruction yelled out to him.

Kevin saw his dad fighting a couple of them off, shielding Brydo. He had to fight, he had to help. He grabbed the nozzle of the gun and pushed it aside, using the opportunity to tackle his opponent to the floor. But before he could throw any punches, another grabbed him from behind and cuffed him.

"Don't fight!" he heard his mother pleading. "Please, stop!" 

She had three guns pointed at her, motioning her towards the door. And as if she understood, he walked towards it, tears streaming down from her head where one of them must have hit her. Kevin tried to get free, tried to get to her. His dad was pinned down over Brydo.

"Kevin, its alright" she said, smiling, trying to calm him down. "I'll be fine, I promise." 


"I love you, son..... I love you"

He watched helplessly as they forced her into a black SUV. And the whole time, she kept her eyes on him.

"I love you Kevin. Kevin! Kevin!"


He jumped up from his bed. Someone was calling his name.

"Kevin!" it said.


"Get up, son. Move. We have to get out!" 

Kevins eyes adjusted to what seemed like bright blue light flooding the room. And the screaming. There was so much screaming. 

"Grab your coat."

He panicked. But now wasn't the time to ask. Fear gripped him as he quickly threw on his coat and followed his father through the corridor. Brydo was already downstairs, shutting his ears to drown out the screaming, his face covered in dirt.

"Dad, what's going on?"

"Help your brother, quickly son!" he said as he grabbed a flashlight from the kitchen drawer, then shoved them out what was left of their door.

The corridors were filled with panic-stricken residents as everyone pushed and shoved to get out the building. Blue light filtered through the cracked walls, the building rumbled under strain. They were under attack!

Kevin's head began to hurt. Nausea gripped him at the amount of blood he saw on everyone's faces. He saw Mrs Reed, the old lady from 4B, clutching on to her husband as he tried to guide her over the debris, keeping her balanced whenever the building shook from..... from whatever those blue pulses were. He saw Sara from next door limping down the stairs grasping her blood soaked leg. He didn't even notice the cuts on his bare feet as he stumbled over broken tile and glass.

He held tight on to his brother, shielding him from the smoke. Ignoring the flames that were slowly engulfing the building, or the sparks from dangling electric cables, he decided to focus only on his father, following his every step. He can't be afraid now. He can't be helpless. 

On the bottom floor, policemen tried to help everyone out, pointing them on where to go, urging them to keep their head down and help whoever they can.

"Out here, son. Give me Brydo. Grab Mrs Reed." he dad ordered.

Mr Reed was battling to carry his wife. She was hurt, looked like a severe head wound, blood dripping through her silver hair. She was barely conscious when Kevin held her, cradled her head against his chest as Mr Reed cleared a path for them.

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally got out on to the road. It didn't look any better here. Cars were abandoned, bellowing flames engulfed the streets. It was like a scene out of a mass riot. Except nobody was rioting, nobody was looting, everybody was running for cover, for any form of safety from what they saw.

"Thank you, Steve," cried Mr Reed, but Kevin's dad wasn't paying attention. he wasn't even looking at him. He was looking up, transfixed, and for the first time in a year Kevin saw sheer fear in his face.

He slowly turned around and looked up. There was no sky. Only what looked like black metal.

"Oh God!"

The End

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