He could feel it coming for him.From behind him suddenly came a horrible, rasping voice that sounded like a cacophony of voices crying out in pain.Quiet whispers reached him,a rising whirlwind of voices, uttering half promises and broken words. He knew it could see him,yellow orbs  finding him through the suffocating smog which stubbornly clung to the ground and made breathing an increasingly difficult task.There could be no hesitation.All that could save him was staying ahead of the monstrosity eagerly waiting for a moment of weakness.

He ran and ran and ran, but nothing he did could lose the monster insistently pursuing him.As his eyes narrowed to a narrow point, he felt his legs start to tremble and his lungs start to burn from running. So he thought to himself this is where it ends.With a final, gasping, pained breath he collapsed onto the ground, hoping the black that was starting to form around his vision would take him before it found him.With a savage roar of triumph, the beast quickly closed the gap to where the boy was lying motionless.

The beast stopped right from his body, revealing a sunken set of eyes into a head almost too large for its lumpy, grey body that had yellow, oozing cuts across the surface of its deformed chest.Jagged claws erupted from the ends of its hands,stained with dark blood.

The End

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