Kept safe by invisible walls from a threat they don't know exists, teenagers go about their simple lives. But when the walls come down, what will be let in?


Two scientists,a man and a woman, stand silhouetted in the last few dwindling rays of sunlight, silently watching as the few remaining workmen and scientists hurriedly finish construction of the fourth tall, white cylinder. The fear and horror of the previous three weeks still fresh in their eyes and minds.

"This may keep them safe for many years Jonamarc" the woman utters solemnly, seeing the faces of the many that had been lost as she closed her eyes for a moment "but we can only keep out the disease with walls for so long.There could be variables we haven't foreseen! W-we need more data, more time,a-a-and we need to know HOW TO STOP THIS GOD-DAMN ABOMINATION!"

"Maria" Jonmarc says steadily as she pauses to draw a breath " have a little faith in modern science. We know what it is, and how it operates, we just need to figure out how to nullify its effects.This sanctuary is just an emergency protocol, in case something goes wrong and we need to regroup to a safe location."

"You're right." Maria concedes while trying to gather her flustered wits." The children will be safe here,most likely safer than us.They have all the building blocks they need to live fruitfully."

"Yes, by the time the towers engines wear out, allowing them passage outside, we will have most certainly completed a cure and absolved those that could not be saved from the land.With the few resistant antibodies we've given them, and their own natural resistance , they have a better chance than us to resist infection."

"None would be better....."Maria mutters darkly.

"Alas, we cannot give them that...yet." Jonmarc intones quietly."I'm going to help finish up work on the tower, come when you're ready. After that, we ship out."

With that, Jonmarc strode down the gentle incline of the slope, towards the small gathering formed around the final tower.With a sigh, Maria slowly walked down the hill towards the small vehicles that housed the gurgling infants for the time being.As she drew closer, they all slowly turned as a collective towards her, giving soft, happy cries as they recognized her.They were all in various stages of developing awareness, trying to make their first few tentative words.Two, however, gave cries a little louder than the rest.In an arcing motion, she picked up her two sons.

"It's almost time for us to leave." Maria said slowly, hating every poisonous word." Hopefully, we'll meet again someday." " But if not, know that your mother and father love you both very much." she says as she gives them both kisses on their tiny foreheads and cradles them protectively, wishing she could undo all the evil that had been done, for her children.

"Mama?" Dexel, the younger,says haltingly, an impossible glint of understanding in his eye.

"Da-da?" Caleb, the older, says uncomprehendingly.

With a small, heart broken whimper, she quickly kisses them both once more one their cheeks , gently put them down, and bolts out of the vehicles confines, hoping that the scienists would help find a better life for her children than the living hell she'd woken up in three weeks ago.

This is the begginng of Exposure, first book of the Darkest Days trilogy.

The End

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