It had been two weeks. Two entire weeks of clamping her mouth shut.  Her parents didn't notice anything changed, other than the fact that their daughter was quiet these past few days.  It was getting harder to keep quiet.  The local news clamored over this new situation.  Countless attempts had been made to move the rock, but to no avail. Scientists from all over the world came to examine it, only to leave dumbfounded.  Police didn't know what to do, other than leave it there. Each time someone touched it, it pulsed brighter, glowing with a bright blue sheen.  It had earned itself an unoriginal title: The Incident.Vera couldn't watch it for long anymore.  She felt slightly sick at night, waking up from an awful nightmare.  The weird thing about it? There was nothing really scary about it, other than the fact that all she could see was blue and it felt suffocating.  She almost felt protective of it, until she realized that this is what nearly cost her and everyone else their lives.  

The Incident had kept her from thinking straight.  None of them went out on any "midnight runs" anymore.  In fact, as far as Vera knew, none of them even spoke with each other.  She hadn't heard anything from her closest friend, Aly Kate. They weren't exactly best friends, but they sat together at lunch sometimes.  

She sighed and picked up the phone, dialing the only number she ever called. "Aly?"

"Vera?" the sweet voice was slightly shaky, as if she had just experienced a chilling nightmare. 

"Um..Hi. Look, I was wondering if you wanted to come over and-"

"I don't think so."

"What? Is everything okay, Al?"

"No, it's not." 

The dial tone blared in Vera's ears.

The End

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