Everything was wrong. 

Her perfect night should have gone like this: Evan would come, they would talk, he would ask her out, and then they would kiss. But everything was going into a downwards spiral. Why? She blamed it on Vera. Somehow, with luck on her side, Vera had caused the meteorite to crash on them.  What other reason did she have for being the only one awake?

She had to control it. She had to reassure everyone. But how? She closed her eyes, thinking.  A calm wave of reassurance sprung over her.  She snapped her eyes open.  The fire was gone.  The air was cool again but sparking with energy.  The ground was slightly wet, as if someone had recently hosed it with a light splash of water.  That was strange. There was no water anywhere near here.  

It didn't matter at the moment. She had to make her heroic stand.  She brushed herself off and stood. "Everyone!" Her voice came out hoarse and scratched. She cleared her throat and tried again. "Everyone! Please listen! I know, we're all hurt. But it's okay. It's okay," she repeated. People were looking at her like she was crazy. Like she was stupid. She straightened, making a poor attempt at looking confident and strong. "Listen, we can't tell anybody about this. We'll get home and when we wake up in the morning, avoid looking at your parents. We can't let them know either. We were never here, do you understand?"

Everyone slowly nodded. Except for Evan. He looked at her with a crazy,wild smile. She liked that.

The End

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