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"Evan, you made it!" Amy exclaimed with false surprise. She knew he was going to come.  There was no doubt about it.  

Vera watched from a distance, smirking.  It was funny watching Amy fall for someone as cruel as Evan.  Evan was like...like Hitler.  Vera didn't know too much about him, only knew that his methods of bullying were worse than others. The other bullies were scared of him.  

Wesley was videotaping diligently.  He didn't doubt Evan for a moment, but he knew that one day Evan would depend upon him, and when that happened, he would be waiting with a glare that matched Evan's.  He skimmed over the other boys and girls and trained the camera onto Vera. She was the only one who seemed to not want to be there, the one who was invited so that she could be blamed if that was the case.  He thought she was interesting.  And sweet. He shook his head, shaking all thoughts away.  There was a tiny blue star in the sky. Huh, that was weird. It seemed to be getting bigger. And then he saw. A green trail followed it.  It was a meteorite. He had never seen one up close bef-

The camera fell out of his hand.

The End

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