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"Wesley, are you catching all of this on tape? If I found out you haven't..." Evan smiled, piercing Wesley with his glare. 

"Aw, Ev, back off of the poor kid. He hasn't done anything to you," Ash says, stepping forward. Evan doesn't say anything for a moment, just turns around and begins running. "C'mon, we'll be late meeting the girls," he calls back.

Two nights ago, Amy had told him about the runs.  He liked the idea, running out at night, feeling rebellious.  He had decided to hang out with the boys before he met her, and thought he might as well take them with him.  He could tell that Amy was absolutely enthralled in him.  He could tell that she was waiting for him, waiting for him to notice her and ask her out.  He smirked to himself. As if he would do that. She was certainly pretty, but she was full of herself. Like him. Maybe it would work out.  Maybe, maybe he would crush her beating heart into nothing. Maybe.

The End

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